A Visit to Burnaby City Hall

An extraordinary event unfolded yesterday as our talented young athletes paid a visit to the esteemed Burnaby City Hall. The purpose? To be recognized and celebrated by none other than the Mayor himself.

🏆 Acknowledging a Season of Excellence 🏆

The Burnaby City Hall echoed with pride as Mayor Burnaby addressed our U15 (now U16) Thunderbirds. With a tone that reflected the magnitude of Thunderbirds’ accomplishment, he commended the team for their dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence, a journey that culminated in their triumphant conquest of the provincial championship during the 2022/23 season.

👕 Tokens of Appreciation and Gratitude 🎁

In a heartwarming exchange, SBMC Soccer showed its appreciation to Mayor Burnaby by gifting him an official club shirt. This symbolic gesture represented our gratitude for the city’s steadfast support and encouragement. In return, Mayor Hurley presented each member of the team with gift bags, a gesture that encapsulated the City’s recognition of the achievements of Burnaby youth sports programs.

🙏 A Salute to Burnaby’s Continuous Support 🙏

This visit was a commemoration of victory, but also a testament to the strong bond between SBMC Soccer and the City of Burnaby. The support and resources provided by the City and its mayor have been instrumental in nurturing the club’s growth and success.