SBMC stands as a vibrant symbol of multiculturalism, boasting a roster of young athletes from various cultural backgrounds, many of whom are newcomers to the area. By sponsoring SBMC, you not only contribute to the development of soccer talent but also invest in the growth and integration of these families into our local community. Your support will enable us to provide resources, coaching, and opportunities that foster unity and friendship among these young players, bridging cultural gaps through the universal language of sports. Together, we can make a meaningful impact on the lives of these children, helping them thrive both on and off the soccer field.

Platinum Sponsor


  • Company logo prominently featured as the "Platinum Sponsor" on all club materials, including the website, banners, uniforms, and marketing collateral.
  • A dedicated social media post and newsletter feature highlighting your company's commitment to youth sports and diversity.
  • Your company's logo on all team uniforms.
  • Opportunity to host a community event or workshop in partnership with SBMC to engage with our diverse youth and their families.
  • Your company mentioned in news coverage related to SBMC events.
  • A custom sponsorship plaque to display your commitment to youth sports and diversity.

Gold Sponsor


  • Company's logo featured on the SBMC website, banners, and select promotional materials.
  • Regular mentions on SBMC's social media platforms.
  • Your company's logo on all coach jackets.
  • Opportunity to participate in SBMC community events and workshops.
  • Mention in news coverage related to SBMC events.
  • A custom sponsorship plaque for your support.

Age Group Sponsor


  • Company logo featured on SBMC website, and select age group promotional materials
  • Exclusive sponsorship of a specific age group team 
  • Mention on SBMC's social media platforms for your specific age group.
  • Involvement in age group-specific community events and workshops.
  • A custom sponsorship plaque for your support.

Other Sponsors

We welcome sponsors of individual events where benefits are customizable, events include:  

  • SBMC Jamborees
  • SBMC Coach Clinics
  • SBMC Monday Academy Series (all-year)

Thank you for considering sponsorship with SBMC Youth Soccer Club. Your support helps us create a more inclusive and diverse community through the power of sports. Please send us any questions you may have, and we look forward to connect with you.

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