Role of the Coach

The key to coaching is to teach players so that they can develop their own physical and mental capabilities through playing soccer. The best guiding principle of coaching is to allow players the opportunity to learn the game by playing it.

SBMC Coaching Requirements

  1. Certification of your specific age group (mandatory for head coach only, optional for assistants). Must complete CSA online first, then BCSA on the field.
  2. Complete Criminal Record Check (mandatory for all team officials).

Coaching Education:

These grassroots development workshops will cover the contents of the handbook. It addresses the benefits of being well-prepared and organized prior to practice, as well as introducing techniques to further challenge players by adapting activities and exercises. In order for you and your players to get the full benefits intended in the book, it is vital you attend and participate, as it will be an excellent opportunity for you to work together with coaches from your neighbourhood and club and begin your Coaching Education.

Responsible Coaching Movement | Coach


Rules of Play:

U11 to U18 teams must follow the BC Coastal Soccer League's Rules and Regulations 2023 - 2024 (Section 10) on game length, field size, goal size and ball size for each division:

  1. All games are to be played in accordance with the FIFA/IFAB Laws of the Game and BC Soccer Rules and Regulations.
  2. Play at the U13 and under age groups will utilize the Retreat Line as required and defined by BC Soccer
  3. Teams are required to provide two completed eligible team rosters (player names and jersey numbers, team officials) as well as any Fluid Roster players (see section 7) to the referee, prior to the start of the game
Division Format Game Length Ball Size Field Size Goal Size
U11-U128 v 8 including GK2 x 35 minutes4W: 42m/ 138ft  – 55m/180ft x L: 60m / 197ft – 75m/246ftL: 18ft / 5.49m x H: 6ft / 1.83m
U139 v 9 including GK2 x 35 minutes4W: 42m/ 138ft  – 55m/180ft x L: 60m / 197ft – 75m/246ftL: 18ft / 5.49m x H: 6ft / 1.83m
U14-U1611 v 11 2 x 40 minutes5W: 59m/194ft x L: 100m/328ftL: 24ft / 7m x H: 8ft / 2m
U17-U1811 v 112 x 45 minutes5W: 59m/194ft x L: 100m/328ftL: 24ft / 7m x H: 8ft / 2m

Code of Conduct:

Many of these activities, exercises and games have their origins in street soccer, providing the player with an opportunity to play soccer for the love of the game and the pleasure it brings them. Added pressure placed on young players, to win at all costs, outs an over-emphasis on short-term achievements. Unfortunately, for some players, this pressure from adults can reduce the joy of participating and being part of a team, club and possibly the larger soccer community.

Code of Conduct – Players

Children should be encouraged to:

  • Display fair play and sportsmanship at all times
  • Shake hands with the opposition after the game
  • Accept the match supervisor’s decision
  • Play to the best of their ability
  • Experiment with skills and moves 
  • Have fun

Code of Conduct – Adults

With this in mind, coaches and parents attending these games should:

  • Give positive feedback
  • Be patient
  • Ensure evenly matched games
  • Emphasize good behaviour and sportsmanship
  • Be supportive of good play from both teams

Coaches and parents should not:

  • Shout abuse
  • Emphasize results

Team Managers & Other Volunteers


Volunteers are the lifeblood of youth soccer clubs, playing a crucial role in our success and sustainability. Your dedication and enthusiasm ensure that young athletes receive not only the training and support they need but also a positive and nurturing environment. Your involvement fosters a sense of community and teamwork, providing role models for the children and reinforcing the values of commitment, sportsmanship, and camaraderie. Without the selfless contributions of volunteers, many youth soccer clubs would struggle to provide the enriching experiences that help young players develop both on and off the field.

Read more on SBMC Soccer Volunteer Fee Policy.

SBMC Team Managers play an important role in organizing the off-the-field logistics, allowing the coaches to focus on coaching.

Though every team needs a team manager, the role can be quite varied in expectation and responsibility. Here is what you can expect when becoming a team manager:

    • Responsible for pickup and distribution of uniforms and equipment at the beginning of the season which include:
      • Shorts, socks and Shirts for each player
      • Goalie shirt and gloves
      • Ball bag and accessories
    • Schedule parents for team refreshments for each game (snacks, water, etc).
    • Collect and track team funds as your team may decide to collect additional team funds for extra equipment, tournaments, etc (all registration fees are collected by the Club directly)
    • Schedule parents to assist coaches to line/cone the field for HOME GAMES, usually only when you are the first team to play on the field that day.
    • TeamSnap set-up and maintenance. This includes loading the team roster, adding practices/games, and making changes as necessary.
    • Report game scores following your game (win, loss, tie) on TeamSnap
    • Assist the coach to confirm the game time and jersey colour with the opponent on a weekly basis
    • Prepare league paperwork as necessary like game roster, travel documents, and player/team official ID cards (Under 11/12 Div 1 & 2, Under 13 - Under 18 teams only)
    • Help the club volunteer coordinator find available parents or players for volunteer activities.
    • Coordinate team events like holiday parties, bonding activities, and year-end wrap-up.

Some of these items only pertain to specific age groups and teams so it is very important to discuss your role with the team coach to make sure everyone is on the same page.




SBMC also recommends youth soccer referees work with the Burnaby Youth Soccer District or other soccer clubs as needed.

To register with BCSA, you can go to:
If you do not have a login or have questions regarding the BCSA registration process please get in touch with Lynda at 604.299.6401 ext 1416.

We need you!

Soccer in general and SBMC in particular need certified soccer referees. If you are interested in becoming a referee, or if you are already certified, join us!

The South Burnaby Metro Club provides ref games opportunities at both mini and divisional youth soccer league games. To be eligible to receive ref games assignment, you must:

  • Hold a Small Sided Games (SSG) or Entry Level (EL) Soccer Referee Badge, and
  • Register with BCSA and have already received a BCSA Soccer Referee Number, and
  • If you hold an entry or higher level soccer referee badge, you must complete an annual BCSA Soccer Referee Refresher before Oct 1st (calendar year).