SBMC Girls Meet Canada’s Soccer Icon Christine Sinclair

September 9, 2023, was an exciting day for  South Burnaby Metro Club (SBMC) as our U9 and U10 girls had the incredible opportunity to join Canadian soccer legend Christine Sinclair at the official opening of the Christine Sinclair Community Centre. The day was filled with awe and inspiration as our young soccer stars had the opportunity to meet their idol, Christine Sinclair, whose journey in soccer began right here with SBMC in Burnaby.

Christine Sinclair reacts to the unveiling of a dedication wall. Photo by Jennifer Gauthier of Burnaby Now

Photo: Jennifer Gauthier (Burnaby Now)

A Shared Origin Story

The excitement among our SBMC girls was palpable as they stood in the presence of Christine Sinclair, a living legend in Canadian soccer. The revelation that Sinclair’s soccer journey had roots in the same club where these young talents now play made this event even more special. Christine Sinclair started her soccer journey at age 4, right here in Burnaby. She candidly shared that tears on the sidelines marked her first year on the field, but she discovered her passion and committed countless hours to honing her skills.

Photo: Jennifer Gauthier (Burnaby Now)

Walking with an Icon

Perhaps the day’s most memorable moment was when our girls walked to the ribbon-cutting ceremony alongside Christine Sinclair. Their pure joy and enthusiasm were a sight to behold, lighting up the field with their smiles. It was a powerful symbol of continuity and inspiration as the soccer torch was being passed to the future generation.

A Token of Appreciation

In a heartwarming gesture, our players presented Christine Sinclair with an SBMC #12 jersey, a symbol of her iconic number. In return, Christine autographed their water bottles, jerseys, and soccer balls. The thrill of having these items signed by their soccer hero was a moment they will forever cherish.

Photo: Jennifer Gauthier (Burnaby Now)

A huge thank you to Christine Sinclair for inspiring the next generation of soccer players and to Christine’s family and also many of the current dedicated coaches and parents who continue to provide opportunities and foster young athletes. Thank you, City of Burnaby, for inviting us, and continue to support the community-oriented youth sports clubs in Burnaby!