Team Managers


SBMC Team Managers play an important role in organizing the off-the-field logistics, allowing the coaches to focus on coaching.

Though every team needs a team manager, the role can be quite varied in expectation and responsibility. Here is what you can expect when becoming a team manager:

    • Responsible for pickup and distribution of uniforms and equipment at the beginning of the season which include:
      • Shorts, socks and Shirts for each player
      • Goalie shirt and gloves
      • Ball bag and accessories
    • Schedule parents for team refreshments for each game (snacks, water, etc).
    • Collect and track team funds as your team may decide to collect additional team funds for extra equipment, tournaments, etc (all registration fees are collected by the Club directly)
    • Schedule parents to assist coaches to line/cone the field for HOME GAMES, usually only when you are the first team to play on the field that day.
    • TeamSnap set-up and maintenance. This includes loading the team roster, adding practices/games, and making changes as necessary.
    • Report game scores following your game (win, loss, tie) on TeamSnap
    • Assist the coach to confirm the game time and jersey colour with the opponent on a weekly basis
    • Prepare league paperwork as necessary like game roster, travel documents, and player/team official ID cards (Under 11/12 Div 1 & 2, Under 13 - Under 18 teams only)
    • Help the club volunteer coordinator find available parents or players for volunteer activities.
    • Coordinate team events like holiday parties, bonding activities, and year-end wrap-up.

Some of these items only pertain to specific age groups and teams so it is very important to discuss your role with the team coach to make sure everyone is on the same page.